Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday

Josie's hurt eye
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We think Josie and Maggie got into a tussle and Josie's little eye got scratched. We have put some meds in it, but she is going to the V-E-T today. We know that Maggie feels bad because they were only playing and Maggie keeps trying to give Josie a bath to make up with her.

Please send Josie purrs that her little eye is ok. Mom and dad are worried sick (because we all know about Maggie and her little eye.)

UPDATE: Josie did have a corneal abrasion. So the doctor gave her some eye ointment. Josie was a perfect girl at the VET's office, even the VET said so. The only time she gave mom the business was when they violated her bottom. (She scratched mom's tummy to try and get down.) She didn't hiss or cry or bite or tinkle or anything. She's such a good girl!

Here's Josie talking to mom in the car on the way to the VET.

Here's Josie inspecting the examine room to make sure it was up to her standards.

Here she is on her way home with a little smile on her face because she got a new purple mousie for being such a good girl.

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