Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #31: Baby it's hot outside

Before I start on my Thursday Thirteen, I want to share this great link that Yaffa and Sabastian posted the other day for a FREE sample of Greenies Pill Pocket Treats. This is perfect timing because we need to give Josie some Lysine and this may be the answer. Thanks for the great link!

In yesterday's post, Maggie was looking at all her cat hairs (and dust) floating in the air, catching the late afternoon sunlight.

Josie gets real squinty after the ointment is put in her eye, but the Flurbi is eye drops, and although she's not a big fan of getting the drops in her eye, it looks much better after she gets them in (and it has an anti-inflammatory in it, which Mom and Dad think is really going to help).

Thursday Thirteen
It has been hot hot hot down here in South Carolina. The temperatures the other day peaked above 100, and add in the humidity and it is just unpleasant. So for today's T13, I present 13 ways to stay cool...

1. Nap in the bathroom sink. The coolest, cool place to be.
2. Nap in the cat stand. It has great ventilation for my undercarriage.
3. Nap on the guest bathroom floor. Bathrooms are always cooler.
4. Nap on the air vent.
5. Nap on the cement floor in the garage. Hot in the garage, but cool on your belly.
6. Nap in the middle of the kitchen floor. Cool, plus you're in the way so you'll get pets.
7. Nap in the dark closet, preferably on the duffel bag.
8. Nap on the tile half-wall in the bathroom. Tile is always cool.
9. Nap in the downstairs hall closet ... it's near an air exchange.
10. Nap in the room with the ceiling fan on (if the ceiling fan doesn't freak you out).
11. Nap on the dryer (when it's not running).
12. Nap in the sink (it's worth mentioning twice).
13. Drink plenty of ice water. Hey, it couldn't all be napping, could it?

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