Saturday, July 12, 2008

PhotoHunt: Support

The PhotoHunters theme today is "support" which I think is a great theme for us because all too often cats are accused of being loners and overly-independent. I think the Cat Blogosphere has clearly shown this to be wrong. And now I get to show it in a photo. Here I am supporting my littlest sister Maggie

Maggie loves her big orange brother
She was a kitten in this picture and I wanted to make sure that she knew she was part of the family, and not a foster cat, so I would hang out with her and snuggle with her like a good supportive brother should.

And since we're hunting way back into kitten pictures, here's one of Mom and Dad's favorites of Josie and Huggy Bear as kittens.

I love my brother
Josie and Huggy Bear snuggles together a lot when they were babies. They snuggle less now, but they are still very supportive of each other.

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