Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #32 -- creepy crawlies

After Tuesday's lizard adventure, I figure maybe I'd do a T13 on the creepy crawly things Mom detests the most. While most of these have not been in our house, they still deserve a place on the list, so, in no particular order...

1. Fleas -- a complete pain, and one we had to deal with when Josie, HB and Maggie came into the house.
2. "Palmetto bugs" (aka roaches) -- they are fun for us to hunt, but Mom is less than thrilled when one shows up.
3. Lizards -- OK, this guy moved to the top of the list on Tuesday. Until then, they were just a nice little distraction when she was outside in the yard.
4. Ants -- honestly, we don't even notice these, but Mom says they exist and are a pain.
5. Flies -- more good hunting, but just a pest.
6. Moths -- less of a hassle, but good sport.
7. Earwigs -- these "mini" scorpions are freaky when you find one and they point their little pincher up at you. These make for good tub hockey pucks.
8. Spiders -- more fun hunting, especially in the garage.
9. Snakes -- no love lost with the snakes. Fortunately, none have come into the house, just the one in the garage last year.
10. Mice -- never had a mouse in the house here. We had a little one in Iowa, but he got one look at me and we never saw him again!
11. Frogs -- they just freak Mom out, and she can't explain why. Sometimes we'll get one in the garage, but never in the house.
12. Birds -- OK, birds aren't creepy or crawly, but they do freak Mom out. Kind of like frogs, she can't explain it. They just do.
13. Lizards -- after Tuesday, worth mentioning twice. Yikes!

[Update: I guess this could be 13b, because I can't believe I forgot Mosquitoes. Something we don't hunt, but Mom and Dad do. They are particularly bad here in South Carolina this time of year.]

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