Friday, July 25, 2008

Finally Friday

Ever since we moved to our house Mom has wanted a chair in one of the corners of the living room. The corner just looked empty, missing that certain something. So she looked and looked and finally on Tuesday found a chair, and picked it up (between rain showers) on Wednesday.

Josie likes that "new chair smell"
Josie was the first to get up in the chair and check it out. It has that new chair smell and Josie was sure to get a good whiff. (With her eye issue, she's getting more "opportunities" than the rest of us, and while HB and I are getting a little jealous of the attention, we can't totally begrudge her.)

Maggie hopped up in the chair after Josie got down to see what Josie was sniffing. Meanwhile, Huggy Bear searched around and behind the chair. He liked the tag that you're not supposed to remove, that Dad removed.
Maggie and Huggy Bear investigate the new chair

It's also a Finally Friday because Mom and Dad finally got home last night after being gone almost all day. Dad left at 7:15 a.m. and Mom around 10 a.m. and they didn't return until almost 11 p.m. because they were working down at the theatre where Mom helps in the box office. So we were glad that they finally came home. They haven't really even had time to sit in the new chair that they were so so so excited about. Maybe they'll sit in it tonight.

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