Thursday, July 17, 2008

Josie update, award & Thursday Thirteen #30: Weight control?

Thank you all for coming and checking on Josie and wishing her well and sending her purrs. She is doing better and squinting a lot less. Although she's not all well, she is showing improvement. Mom still worries, but I think she's going to be OK.

I need to thank Sweet Praline for giving me the cool cat award. I am so glad that I was the one to introduce her to the Cat Blogosphere and that she has had so much fun doing it.

I know that I am supposed to pass this along to five other cat bloggers, and I promise that I will, but I'm a bit distracted with worrying about Josie.

And now, for the Thursday Thirteen. I heard Mom say to Dad that, after she lifted me yesterday, she thought I was feeling a little "extra floofy" and that I "may have put on some floof" which concerns me because it sure sounds like diet talk to me. So for my Thursday Thirteen, I offer thirteen weight control issues...

1. There are two big boys, and two little girls in our house. If they put us on a diet, won't that mean that the girls lose out on their good food too?
2. We all know the ladies dig the extra floof.
3. I come from big cats so I'm actually just right.
4. What, do they expect me to exercise? If Dad can't get his happy heinie out of bed in the morning to do a few minutes on the treadmill, then what do they expect out of me.
5. More cat means more to snuggle with.
6. I need this insulation for when Maggie pounces.
7. If I lose weight I won't be able to do a widebody Wednesday post.
8. I'm trying to hang with Fat Eric.
9. I don't eat treats ...
10. ... I hardly eat stinky goodness ...
11. ... what could they take away?
12. Sure, I want to be healthy. Don't we all? Maybe we need to come up with a lifestyle plan for me.
13. Or maybe it's time to redefine "normal" cat size.

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