Friday, July 18, 2008

Order more stamps, Mom

Mom just got a shipment from Stampin' Up! the other day. Credit to the UPS guy who read the box and placed it behind the plant on the front porch to keep it out of the sun. We like when Mom gets stamps because it means a few things ... we get to help her organize the stamps, but we also get to play with the box and the packing paper.

Josie in the box
We all have been taking turns in this excellent box. Josie likes to hunker down in the box when Mom and Dad are watching TV. Look how much better her left eye is doing! She's about 80 percent improved.

Gold ball and paper
Maggie and Josie played with the paper from inside the box too. Maggie put the gold sparkle ball on the paper, then pounced it and slid across the kitchen floor. Josie had to come and see what was going on. We've all been taking turns lying on the paper to see how flat we can make it.

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