Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ticked-off Tuxie

More eye issues for Josie means she's one ticked-off tuxie. Mom took her to the vet for her follow-up appointment. They were going to "squeeze her in" at 2:00, but it was almost 3:45 before the V-E-T made it into the room to see her. The V-E-T she saw last week was tied up in surgery and the other who ended up seeing Josie was in the next room with four dogs -- dogs who barked at Josie and made her very uneasy.

Now they suspect that she had an old Herpes infection in her eye that has been aggravated by the abrasion to her eye. Mom explained that there are different types of Herpes viruses, and this is not the kind you get from kissing disreputable boys. The V-E-T is calling in an order for another eye ointment. Oh Josie was mad. Mad mad mad. And she told Mom all about it on the way home, and more once they got home. She wasn't necessarily mad at Mom, just mad at the situation (and the V-E-T).

Also, Josie's mats and dry skin may be a result of the indoor cat formula we have been eating, so we may all be upgrading our food, too. Fortunately, and coincidentally, Sweet Praline's Mom brought in some treats and food samples that Praline is not at all interested in, so we have some stuff to try.

Josie's left eye about 80 percent better
And just to spite the V-E-T, Josie's eye is looking better tonight, about 80 percent improved, although slightly squinty. Hopefully with things settling down we'll be able to visit more today. I was, sadly, absent from the blogosphere yesterday, and with all the stress of Josie and Mom and the V-E-T we really needed the calm of visiting you guys.

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