Saturday, June 28, 2008

PhotoHunt: Bright

"Bright" PhotoHunter's theme ... hmmm ... brings to mind Gremlins and three specific rules. It's a good thing we're not Gremlins, because we like to nap in the bright sun, (and stay up past midnight ... not too big on the water, though).

Lately, Josie has made her favorite spot the space beside the small couch where the sunlight comes in through the back door. Dad had to cut off a branch on the tree by the deck, and it has allowed more sunlight to come in, which makes Josie very happy.

Josie and Huggy Bear in a ray of sunlight
She is nice, and will share her spot with Huggy Bear.

Huggy Bear in the sun
Huggy Bear usually naps in the opposite corner, more blending into the shadows. But he learned from his sister that the sunny spot can be nice too.

Maggie kind of in the sun
Josie was even kind enough to move aside and give Maggie a little time in the ray on sunshine. Maggie may need to work on her positioning, though.

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