Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #29 -- Mom and Dad's vacation

Mom and Dad went on vacation to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina last week. They really don't leave us very often, so it was kind of a big deal for them and for us. So I'm dedicating my T13 to what happened with us from their vacation...

1. Most importantly, they came home.
2. They brought us nip cigars from the cat store that Sweet Praline's Mom told them to go to.
3. Josie claimed the first nip cigar.
Josie "smokes" her catnip cigar
She went right to "smoking" her nip cigar.
4. Mom and Dad also brought us some new mice to play with.
5. I got the brown mouse and Huggy Bear got the gray mouse.
Huggy Bear with his new mouse
But he preferred trying to get the cigar instead.
6. Dad thinks the new mice will grow on us.
7. When Tish was watching us, the pantry door didn't latch completely one night.
8. We managed to open the pantry door and plundered the toy basket.
9. Aunt Tish was on the phone with Mom and said, "Uh, oh. I goofed," as soon as she walked in and say about 30 toys and a bag of catnip scattered all over the kitchen floor.
10. We managed to skin a toy mouse that Dad had bought for my birthday.
Skinned mouse toy
This is the head with most of the fur and all of the tail pulled off.
Mouse toy tail
Here's the tail. Huggy Bear is triumphantly carrying the tail around to all parts of the house.
11. Now that Mom and Dad are home we are sleeping on their bags before they can get them all put away.
12. Plus we're getting all kinds of extra love from Mom and Dad while they were gone.
13. We also learned that there are cats at the beach that prowl around and hunt.
Beach cat looking for leftovers
This one was investigating the grill a while after Dad was done grilling on it. Unfortunately, Dad didn't leave anything behind for him because he didn't expect that kind of company. But we're sure he found some seafood.

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