Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not so easy like Sunday without Mom and Dad

I really tried to keep Mom and Dad from going on vacation, but there was this whole "family" excuse, and something about a "beach" and the promise of a new toy from the store Sweet Praline was talking about.

I had a good plan to keep Mom and Dad here, too. At least, it seemed like a good plan at the time.

They can't leave if I don't move
I figured I would just sleep on the duffel bag all the time. This way they couldn't pack it. And if they can't pack it, they can't leave. But then things started to backfire.

Guarding the duffel bag
Dad pulled out another duffel bag from the hidden room we're not allowed to enter. So I changed positions and took up napping on the other duffel bag. Then I started going from bag to bag, and even Josie and Huggy Bear would nap on the bags when I wasn't.

Even with all our combined efforts, Mom and Dad still managed to pack. I'm sure they're having a big time at Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina. The promise of a nip cigar keeps me happy, and knowing that Aunt Tish is going to check in and give us love and treats (but mostly love).

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