Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Maggie!

Today is Maggie's third birthday! Now that she's three, Maggie insists that she is a big girl. But Mom told her that she'll always be her littlest baby kitten, no matter how grown up she gets.

Since Mom and Dad are gone on vacation, we want to invite everyone over today to help us cat-hair-up the house. Feel free to put cat hair on everything you can imagine. We want this to be a hair-raising party for Maggie! (Plus, we know Aunt Tish is a good person and will clean up for us so Mom and Dad don't find out...)

Now, since it is Maggie's birthday, and I'm a little proud of my sister, I want to show some of my favorite pictures of her.

Maggie's first portrait
This is Maggie's first portrait. Please don't be sad, even though her eyes are all infected. If she hadn't had the eye infection she probably would have found another forever home. So good things can come out of bad situations.

Jasper teaching Maggie how to sink
Maggie is a quick study. She has learned tricks from Me and Josie and Huggy Bear, like sleeping in the sink, or synchronized sinking.

On the cat walk
Even with just one eye she is the most agile and daring of the McKitten-Cats.

She's also pretty smart...
Maggie's a smart girl
She started playing Trivial Pursuits as a kitten...

Maggie getting the drop cloth
She even helped Mom and Dad paint (that's primer on the walls, by the way...)

Helping mom read her book
She even likes to read with Mom. See, smart from the start.

Maggie going through her alpine scratcher
Although I'm not sure if every move is smart ... I never figured out how she ended up in the hole of the alpine scratcher. I don't think I was ever that small!

She's pretty loving, too ...
Maggie loves her big orange brother
Maggie snuggling with me...

Awww, sisterly love
... and with Josie ...

Snuggle buddies
... and, of course, with Huggy Bear.

Finally, I think this is what Mom fell in love with first when she met Maggie...
Polka dotted belly!!!
... her little polka dotted belly!

There are only like 169 pictures of Maggie over on Flickr, so I'll stop here.

Thanks for coming and helping celebrate Maggie's 3rd birthday! (And for helping us spread cat hair everywhere... we'll be back visiting everyone's blogs again real soon, promise.)

P.S. It's also my Mom's birthday. She thinks it's neat that they share the same birthday.

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