Saturday, June 07, 2008

PhotoHunt: Bad Hair

Today's PhotoHunters theme is Bad Hair. At first, I think I misunderstood it, because I found a picture of a very misbehaving stuffed bunny. Then I realized it was hair, not hare...

Sometimes Josie gets mats in her hair on her side where she likes to sleep and it can stick up from Mom and Dad messing with it to get the knots out. She's such a lady and I hate to feature her having a bad hair day, but it happens to the best of us.

Josie's bad hair
Her hair was sticking up from Dad pulling apart the mat on her back. This is right before Dad Zoom Groomed it back the right way. Mom and Dad wouldn't let her go all day like this.

Josie's hair sticking up
Of course, to brush Josie means you have to chase her around the room first.

Reclining Huggy
Huggy Bear has bad hair that likes to wander off his body and hang out in gangs in the corners around the house.

Bad Hare
Here I am looking at the bad hare. He decided to sit on me. On me? Why would he taunt me like this? Is he asking to get whapped?

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