Friday, June 27, 2008

No garage time?

It looks like Mom and Dad are going to limit our garage time for a while. The garage is our playground. It's where we go to explore and hunt. Problem is, in the last few days Josie has brought bugs into the house to show what she found. In the nearly two years that we have been in our house, Mom and Dad can proudly say there have been no roached (aka. Palmetto bugs). Sure, there's been a spider every now and then, plus the two moths that Huggy Bear successfully stalked. But no roaches. Until Tuesday, when Josie trotted in with one, then dropped it on the floor to hunt in front of Mom and Dad. Then again on Wednesday, when she hunted it until it went under the couch and Dad had to hunt it himself.

Brotherly and sisterly love
I think Josie is plotting with Huggy Bear to try to get back into the garage. She sneaked in with Dad last night for about 15 seconds. Trust me, she'll find a way. Every great huntress does.

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