Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #27 -- Rough start to the morning

This morning was a rough start for Mom and Dad, and here's why, in 13 parts...

1. Mom awoke at 5:40 to the sound of one of us throwing up.
2. She woke up Dad, saying, "Huggy Bear's throwing up."
3. "I think he threw up in the hall."
4. "No," waking up a little, Dad still looking for his glasses.
5. "I think he threw up on my bag!"
6. Ugh... hairball and throw up.
7. Huggy must have been startled when Mom woke up.
8. Looks like he was on the move a little, covering a good two feet. Yuck!
9. He did throw up on some junk mail -- good aim!
10. Dad cleaned it up. Then he cleaned the carpet some. It'll need some awake cleaning.
11. Then Dad thought, I'm already up, I could be productive this morning.
12. But he went back to be instead.
13. I recommend using head nudges to try to wake Mom and Dad in the future. It works for me. They've even learned to pet me in my sleep. Plus it's less mess.

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