Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cleaning the desk, blaming the catnip

I decided to help Mom clean the desk last night. She had left just the slightest amount of water in a cup on the desk, and I know she did it so I could knock it over and help clean up the desk. I only cleaned one side -- a few empty envelopes, one bill waiting to be mailed out, the mouse pad (optical mouse on a glass desk top doesn't quite work), and some notes from the theatre where Mom volunteers. I don't know if Mom truly appreciated my efforts, because she came behind me and cleaned it up again, and said things like, "I love you, Jasper, but you can't spill my drinks like this..." which totally misses the point that I was helping her clean up.

If she considers what I did making a mess, then maybe I should blame the fresh catnip she gave us the other night. She was out getting some herbs for dinner, and clipped off some catnip from the plant outside.

Fresh catnip
Josie liked the fresh catnip the most. Maggie rolled on it some, and played a little.

Huggy Bear contemplating the catnip
Huggy Bear was cautious in his approach to the fresh catnip. I think he likes his out of a bag...

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