Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuxie Tabby Tuesday

I have a few rare Josie and Maggie pictures. Josie is very sweet, but she isn't always very tolerant of Maggie. Josie and Maggie just have different ideas about what "fun" is. The other day Dad helped Josie to the top of the fridge and Josie went up on the cabinets. Well, Maggie likes to go up there and wrestle with us and Josie was a little pinned down, so Dad rescued her back to the top of the fridge. Then Maggie came and joined her and all was OK.

Josie and Maggie on top of the fridge
Here the girls are hanging out together on top of the fridge.

Maggie and Josie on the box
A few days later we had a big box to explore and they were on it together again. I guess having a common spot to explore can get you through some rough patches.

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