Saturday, March 21, 2009

No photos?

Dad went to help me make a post, and looked for a new photo to upload, and (can you believe it?) he didn't have any new photos of us! The outrage! I know they've been busy and all, but come on ... all I'm asking for is a quick picture, one snippet in time. Well, I know he feels bad, and he promised me some good pictures from the weekend.

Mom's play opened last night to a great show. All the stress, the nerves, the tension were erased last night as they played to a full house. The casts' voices are stunning, the talent on stage just remarkable. It really was a good night for Mom last night.

Also, Aunt Tiff felt very confident about her test, and may even know her results tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for purring for Mom and Aunt Tiff.

I think things may be getting back to normal a little, which means we'll hopefully get to visit and comment more soon.

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