Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have we lost our minds?

Before I get on to today's topic, about yesterday's Wordless Wednesday: that issue of ReadyMade was out because it had an instructional article about installing a new light fixture, which is what Dad did last weekend and why we had that great box. Sometimes Dad needs a little confidence boost for his projects, especially when electricity is involved. And ReadyMade is one of our favorite magazines. It's where we got the instructions for the homemade cat scratcher (which Dad has yet to finish ... ahem!).

Now, why Mom and Dad think we may have lost our minds. First there's photo evidence:

Maggie in the tub with water
Maggie is in the tub, which is rapidly filling with water. And she's just hanging out, exploring. What's with that?!?

Secondly, last night, Dad was standing by the front door, and he didn't realize I was right at his feet. So when he opened the door he felt me brush against him. I didn't go out, but I had one foot a little too far that way, and I stuck my neck out and too a good hard look. Dad "encouraged" me back into the house pretty quickly, and reminded me that it is dark and dangerous outside, then gave me extra attention so I remembered why it was good to be inside.

Yeah, I think we just lost our minds for a sec.

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