Friday, March 20, 2009

Big day today

Today is a very big day. First, this morning, our Aunt Tiff is taking her NCLEX nursing exam today. Please purr for her. She's very prepared, but a few purrs wouldn't hurt.

Then tonight the musical that Mom has been dedicating so much time to as producer opens. We have company coming in, so we'll also have a few extra people in the house.

Jackson helping with the gifts
And while I'm doing an update, last weekend Mom and Dad were visiting at Lisa and Brian's where the kittens from last month live, including Jackson, who helped with some of the birthday gift opening for Lisa and Brian's girls (Gracie and Clara Ann).

Jackson enjoying the memories
But the gift unwrapping wore the little kitten out and he fell asleep on Gracie's new sleeping bag curled up with her gifts.

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