Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally Friday

It's finally Friday. It has cooled down a little since earlier this week but we may get some window time. Mom has been going and going a lot lately. Fortunately we have Aunt Tiff here to keep us entertained.

Maggie claims Jeni's new shopping bag
This is the bag that Mom just bought last week. She keeps taking stuff with her in this bag when she leaves. Maggie thought if she got in the bag maybe Mom wouldn't be able to go. Unfortunately that didn't exactly work out (and Mom didn't even take Maggie with her and give us a break). But I think we may actually get a few extra minutes with Mom this weekend.

Ugh ... I just realized that it's another Friday the 13th ... back to back months, no less. Nothing to fear ... we all made it through the last one. Huggy Bear is petitioning for it to be Black Cat Appreciation Day instead.

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