Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tabby Tuesday

The weather man is predicting snow, yes SNOW, for us today, here in South Carolina. I thought by law there was no snow in South Carolina. Now of course it won't stick, seeing that it was in the 50s Monday, but it still gets everyone here excited.

Maggie resting on her blanket
In the meantime, we'll be staying snuggled in on the blankets around the house, like Maggie is doing here. This blanket is even referred to as Maggie's blanket.

Maggie under covers
See, Maggie likes to snuggle in to this blanket the most. She'll even let Mom cover her with the blanket.

Maggie hanging with Jeni
And here is Maggie multi-tasking -- she's snuggling on the blanket and snoopervising Mom at the same time. See how Mom is smiling? That's because no one is biting her laptop. (Now, I'm not the only one who tried to bite the corner. Huggy Bear tries to put his stink on it all the time, which we know is a precursor to a bite. And my bite dinked the special orange vinyl-ly/rubbery cover and not the metal, so don't be too impressed by my teeth. But I made up with Mom Monday, and we're OK now.)

Stay warm out there, and tell your beans to be safe if they have to drive in real snow, and not this pseudo-snow that we're probably going to get. Maybe instead you should just stay home and watch the inauguration safely tucked in a warm blanket.

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