Thursday, January 08, 2009

Visiting new cat blogs

Kimo and Sabi challenged everyone to visit five new cat blogs. Well, during the week, I'd try to go to one or two to meet some new cat bloggers. I think this is a great exercise.

I visited Bhu and Goma. Sweet Praline has been telling me to go visit them, and I keep forgetting, so now with her love triangle, I figured I had to see what it was all about.

I also visited Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes and was surprised I haven't visited them much before. I always see them around Photo Hunters, but somehow haven't been to their blog.

I also met Ms. P and Cinza from Castle Diva. They came and visited to see the kittens and I followed their link back to them. (I try to visit back to the cats who comment.)

I also met Peanut Butter and Jenny (that just makes me laugh). Peanut Butter had some really cute kitten pictures on Thursday, so you should go see them.

The there are Mishka and Milakoshka, two very cute Siberians. They are very funny.

I know I visited some more, but it was on another computer so I need to check the history.

Thanks, Kimo and Sabi, for supporting this contest. It's a great idea.

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