Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bandit gets a home, and a new name

We had a scary day Saturday. It seems Mom had a very dangerous illness: kitten fever. She went over to Lisa and Brian's house where the three kittens live and was infected with kitten fever instantly.

Bandit/Zack on the couch with Jackson
Bandit was very infectious, and concerned us greatly. Mom reportedly held this kitten until he fell asleep in her arms. You can see how he is awful cute and could give even the most immune bean kitten fever. I mean, really, look at all that floof and tuxie cuteness.

What concerned us even more was that we saw Mom and Dad leave with a very suspicious cat carrier. It was empty when it left, which is confusing, and hints that it may not be as empty when it returns.

Sure enough, this kitten was leaving Lisa and Brian's House of Tuxie Cats and headed for our street, just not our house. As it happens, Mom and Dad were on the verge of bringing Bandit home to live with us, but they started discussing the delicate balance we have with the four of us, and then Mom remembered our nice neighbors down the street whose dog recently crossed the bridge. Dad called and sent a picture and it was love at first sight (love at first email?). Well, that, and some pleading by their teenage daughter to her dad, who couldn't resist her.

Kristin with Bandit, now Zack
Here's Kristen welcoming Bandit, now renamed Zack, to the family. Look at that joyful smile. They also have a tabby named Zoey (you may remember Zoey as the cat who gave Mom and Dad a fright when she accidentally pulled out our screen one cool night, and made for a dramatic head count and cat hunt -- we all wisely stayed inside when the screen came out).

When Zack was introduced to Zoey, Zoey made some very rare hisses and growls and Zack made himself sideways and large, but otherwise paid no heed to Zoey. By the time Mom and Dad left Zoey had calmed down and was cautiously watching Zack from across the room. We think Zack and Zoey is a cute couple name for two cats. On the off chance that they don't mesh, Zack/Bandit will either move to our house, or back home to be Clara Ann's favorite kitten.

Gracie with Guido (to be renamed)
We are still taking name recommendations for the she-cat formerly called Guido (seen here with a cheesy Gracie).

Clara Ann tries to get Guido
And I know this picture is completely blurry, but I loved the action shot of Clara Ann chasing Guido. Please help them find a better name for this sweet girl kitten.

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