Friday, January 09, 2009

Finally Friday

Maggie's sure glad it's Finally Friday, because she had one heck of a Thursday.

First, we had a plumber come by to look at our water heater. The spigot on the side of the water heater that might drip if there's a pressure buildup was dripping a lot. So of course, when the plumber went into the garage we went after him to snoopervise. At this point, really, I think we needed Harley and his toolbelt because this guy was a little off. He didn't turn off the water or drain the water heater before removing the spigot. Water went everywhere. Josie and Huggy Bear darted inside. Mom went looking for all of us to make sure we were in so she could open the big garage door and sweep the water out before anything was damaged. She couldn't find Maggie because she was trapped on the wrong side of the river running through the garage. Finally Mom found Maggie and rescued her.

Later, Maggie went up into the room where the litter box is. We have some boxes of books up there that still haven't found a home. Maggie got inside one of the boxes and curled up. So, being the funny big brother, I decided to lay down on top of that same box and trap her in. Oops... Mom to the rescue again.

Then to top things off, Mom and Dad took down the Christmas stuff during the BCS Championship game. Well, while the boxes were down, Maggie got way up high in the garage shelves. Once the boxes were put back, Dad thought we were all in and shut the door and turned off the garage light. Then he realized he didn't have Maggie. She had to commando crawl across some boxes, sometimes just using her front paws to pull herself, because she was squeezing so tight between the boxes and the ceiling. But she got down and got some extra treats. (And, to be honest, I think she liked being up there like that.)

Anyway, I think Maggie's ready for a fresh day with less excitement and more naps.

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