Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #40: Christmas toys

Sweet Praline asked where I was in yesterday's picture. I was here:

Jasper sizes up the new balls
Aunt Tiff brought us Christmas presents when she came for New Year's Eve.

Here are thirteen Christmas presents we got:
1. The motorized feather ball from yesterday that wanders around the kitchen teasing us with feathers.
2. Spikey rattle ball.
3. Fuzzy ball.
4. Another rattle ball.
5. A fuzzy wand toy that Huggy Bear keeps carrying around.
6. More balls.
7. There were lots of balls in the package.
8. I mean a lot of them. I know the picture is blurry, but look at all the balls!
9. A Crazy Cat Woman book for Mom just so it's official.
10. Catnip mouse.
11. A fuzzy mouse.
12. A mouse with a really long tail.
13. The fuzzy ball is worth mentioning twice, because we all keep taking turns hunting it.

Josie with the new balls
Thanks Aunt Tiff for all the great toys! We love them, and even though we have the spread out all over the house, Dad hasn't stepped on any of them and broken them yet, so that's good too.

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