Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tuxie Tuesday: Kitten Edition

As promised, I have super cute kitten pictures. If your Mom has a tendency to squee, look away now.

Mom and Dad and Aunt Tiff went over to Lisa and Brian's on Sunday (they are the mom and dad of the sticky girls who give us treats). Lisa and Brian live in the country and are a cat-magnet house. They seem to attract tuxedo cats, and one (Shelby) just had kittens.

This is little Julianna. She is Gracie's new kitten, and will probably become an inside cat. Gracie keeps sneaking her inside anyway, and Julianna likes to try to slip in the garage door.

Guido and Bandit
Here are Guido and Bandit. Guido is on the left. He has a black spot on his chin (resembling a soul patch/goatee, which is his namesake). Bandit has the bandit's mask black coloring across his eyes. Brian has grown very fond of Guido. Bandit is very sweet, and purrs the instant anyone picks him up. He also likes to follow people around (and might just follow Mom and Dad home, maybe).

Here's another Julianna picture. Isn't she a beauty? (Mom thihks she's a he, which might make him Julian.)

OK, enough kitten overload for one post...

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