Saturday, October 18, 2008

PhotoHunt: Family

I'm missed the past couple of PhotoHunters, but I hope to be back on track. And this is a good one to start back on: Family. I have tons of pictures that could demonstrate family, but I like this recent one with me and Huggy Bear.

Mancat's hanging out on the bed with Jeni
Huggy Bear and I aren't from the same mother the way HB, Josie and Maggie are, but he's definitely my family. He's also the one I most likely will share the bed with. Mom's just off to the right (and she's family, too). You can also see how I ever so slightly have placed my paw on Huggy Bear to let him know I'm claiming him as my brother. Just a couple of Mancats hanging out with Mom.

Speaking of family, Mom and Dad are going up to the Smoky Mountains this weekend to visit Dad's family. Hopefully they don't run into a pack of vishus deer! Lucky for us it will be a quick trip, and Aunt Tishy will be popping in to check on us and give us treats.

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