Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

We were supposed to be helping Mom and Dad carve pumpkins last night, but instead we decided to explore the plants that are now in the garage and hunt for moths.

Maggie sharing the box with Jasper
I was nice and shared my box with Maggie. The box was a great place to investigate the dwarf banana tree that Dad dragged in last night when the temperature dropped.

Where's the moth?
There was also a moth, which got us excited, but then it flew up high where we couldn't go, and it became a lot less fun.

Huggy Bear on moth patrol
Huggy used the box to try to get a better view of the moth, but no luck.

Happy Halloween
In the end, we all came back inside from the chilly garage and the jack-o-lanterns went out for a test run. We just did three this year, and sadly no cat pumpkins like last year, but this is a busy Halloween (being on a Friday) and Mom won't even get to hand out candy, and Dad will only be able to give some to the early ones. But it will still be fun to see the little trick-or-treaters come around.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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