Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #37 -- Reasons to purr

There are plenty of things that get my purr going, but for a while I had turned my purr off. I can't explain why. I was a purr machine as a kitten, but then for about a year or so I just didn't purr. I think I rediscovered my purr after Josie came to us. So my Thursday Thirteen is thirteen reason to purr (sort of a Thankful T13)...

Jasper on the cedar chest
1. Since Josie started me purring again, Josie is number one on my list.
2. But I would be neglectful to not say that Huggy Bear and Maggie are worth a purr, too.
3. I always purr when I get comments from all my catblog friends.
4. I get a little purry when Mom and Dad come home and call for us.
5. I really like to purr when I come into the computer room and Mom is on the computer and I can jump up on the desk and block the monitor.
6. I also purr when I get in bed and curl up on Dad's pillow and get pets.
7. Mild days with the windows open, a cool breeze and warm sunshine make me purr too.
8. And sinks... definitely sinks. Sometimes the purrs resonate from the sink and amplify downstairs so Mom and Dad can hear me purr.
9. Stinky goodness, of course.
10. Helping Mom and Dad make the bed gets my motor running too.
11. I will purr when Mom and Dad rub between the toes of my rear right paw (but not my left...).
12. And head skritches really get me to purr too.
13. Dad seems to think football makes me purr, but really it's watching football with Mom and Dad that makes me purr.

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