Tuesday, October 21, 2008

'tocks Tuesday

Since Mom and Dad had another "busy day" and "late night" I wasn't able to get any new 'tocks pictures for Derby (you know, no opposable thumb to help hold the camera ... that's what beans are for). So I dug up some of the best 'tocks-style pictures I had on Flickr.

I shop at Target
Maggie and a Target bag ... we use reusable bags now, so no fun plastic bags to lick. I miss that.

"Where ya' going?"
Huggy Bear's fluffy 'tocks ... really not the best view of him from my box.

Does this file cabinet make my butt look big??
Maggie's 'tocks in the tiny drawer hole. Probably my favorite shot.

Huggy Bear's haunches
Huggy Bear shows off his 'tock-haunches on the couch. Yeah, that spot got vaccuumed shortly after he was there ... lot's of floof.

Mom, I fit in here
This is about all the 'tocks you'll get from me. Josie wouldn't play along, which is why you got two HB and Maggie shots instead.

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