Friday, October 24, 2008

Finally Friday

Yes, it is Finally Friday, and it looks like Mom may be clocking out a little early because she's close to 40 hours and doesn't want to go over, which means that Dad will run some errands after work, then get Mom and come home to be with us!

Last night Mom and Dad stopped by Sam's to get some essentials like bread and milk, and they came home with an unessential but very nice prize for us -- a giant pet bed tuffet! (I'm ignoring the big dog on the label because I know this was truly meant for cats to enjoy.) Mom has wanted a tuffet for a long long time, and finally gave in. They were torn between the one they bought and another, so maybe we'll end up with two!

HB and Maggie wonder what this is
At first it took some investigating by us. This is not the kind of thing you rush into.

Huggy Bear investigating the tuffet
Huggy Bear did some sniffing.

Jasper sniffing the tuffet
I gave is a good sniff, too.

Josie steps on the tuffet (briefly)
Josie walked on it briefly.

Maggie gets Orange Mouse on the tuffet
Dad used Orange Mouse to entice Maggie onto the tuffet.

Josie and Maggie with the new tuffet
Dad also tried to coax Josie onto the tuffet by putting a familiar blanket on it, which worked for a little while.

Maggie finally settles in
Eventually, Maggie, as expected, was the first to accept the tuffet and make a warm curly-up spot on it. Mom's only rule is that the tuffet is a daytime sleeping spot, and one of us must still snuggle on her feet at night.

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