Sunday, October 26, 2008

Easy Like Sunday

I know ... I've been a bad friend, not visiting like I should. This whole schedule change with Mom and Dad both hunting now has really thrown me for a loop and I'm just out of my routine. I promise to be better. At least Mom and Dad were around to spend some time with us this weekend.

Josie sleeping under Dean's legs
This has become Josie's cushion on the couch. Now, with it cooling down a little, there's a blanket there too, and usually that's where Josie can be found. She spent the whole Tennessee-Alabama game there trying to console Dad.

Huggy Bear and Maggie resting with Jeni
Bear and Maggie actually cuddled with Mom at the same time the other day.

And while there's no photographic evidence, Bear and I had a purr-off this Saturday morning in bed with Mom and Dad. I'm saying I won, and since I do all the writing on this blog then that must be right. Right?

Now I promise I'll do more visiting and commenting. Have a good rest-of-the-weekend! (Is it Sunday already?)

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