Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #38 -- Totally random

Today's Thursday Thirteen theme is "Totally random" (13 letters -- how's that for coincidence).

1. Dad has promised to use the stack of cardboard boxes in the garage to make our own scratcher like in the latest issue of ReadyMade.
2. The neighbor cat really freaked Dad out last night. He was taking the trash out and, after making sure the garage was all clear, he opened the door to get some things for the recycler. Well, coming back around the house, Dad saw a cat's tail, and he said "Jasper?" and then the cat did a cartoon run-run-run in place before darting away. Dad came inside and did another head count just in case.
3. Could you imagine if the cat had stayed in the garage without Dad noticing, then he let us in to play in the garage? Chaos!
4. Mom and Dad are finally going to spend a reasonable amount of the weekend with us ... the first time in three weekends.
5. Did you see these World Animal Day pictures? Some really cool cats and big felines.
6. Even doing random thoughts, it can still be hard to fill a T13.
7. Everyone wanted to know what Huggy Bear was looking at in yesterday's Wordless Wednesday. It was shot in the morning while Dad waited for his carpool ride. I think Bear was just enjoying a relaxing window view from his dining room table perch.
8. I wish I had a screened-in porch. Today was beautiful.
9. Why a screened-in porch and not outside. Well, the other day I heard the neighbor's cat face off with a wandering dog -- cat won, dog yelped. I just don't want that pressure.
10. Josie tried to stop Dad from going to work this morning by grabbing his leg. I think she was enjoying the pets, but I think he has to work for us to get treats.
11. Not that I wouldn't give up a few treats to have more Mom and Dad time.
12. Mom and Dad want more time in the day, but I know they'd probably just nap like I would.
13. Think it's time for a nap ... all that random thinking wore me out.

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