Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday Thirteen -- 6+4+3

Here we go ... trying something different for Thursday Thirteen ... I'm six years old, Huggy Bear and Josie are four, and Maggie is three. So since six plus four plus three is thirteen, I'm going to post pictures of us, one from each year of our lives.

1. Jasper year one

2. Jasper year two
Jasper sleeping in the trash can

3. Jasper year three
What's in that stocking??

4. Jasper year four
Protective brother

5. Jasper year five

6. Jasper year six

7. Josie and Huggy Bear year one

8. Josie and Huggy Bear year two

9. Josie and Huggy Bear year three

10. Josie and Huggy Bear year four

11. Maggie year one
The first time the Huggy and Maggie wrestled

12. Maggie year two
Maggie's a smart girl

13. Maggie year three

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