Monday, November 03, 2008

Maggie Monday

Mom and Dad spent all weekend in the garage cleaning, consolidating and organizing. This was torture for us, since we had to sit inside and listen to them in the garage. Maggie is especially upset because the garage is her favorite place to be -- specifically, high up on the stack of boxes in the garage. The thing is, that stack of boxes is gone, replaced by just a couple of boxes. Mom and Dad made sure to leave a space for her with some blankets, but the path up is not as good, and the stack is not nearly as high. Maggie wanted to know if there was some appeal process, maybe a Cat Blogosphere governing body she could turn to, to get her boxes back, but I think Mom is very happy with the garage now, so I think it's staying the way it is.

"Uh, Mom, where are my boxes?"
"Mom, where did all my boxes go?"

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