Sunday, November 30, 2008

Easy Like Sunday

The other day, Dad went to Target to get kitty litter and they were running the special again where if you bought two, you got a free $5 gift card. So when Mom and Dad went back later, did they use that $5 gift card to buy a bunch of treats or toys for us? No, they bought Maggie a penguin t-shirt!

Maggie's penguin t-shirt
Here's Maggie showing off her t-shirt. She didn't mind this one as much as the other two shirts she has worn, but this one is more of a cape and less form-fitting. She wore this for Aunt Tiff, who is visiting for the weekend. Aunt Tiff is a big penguin fan, so Maggie agreed to wear it. But I think she needs some lessons from Daisy on how to properly model. (I don't think "death roll" is a good modeling technique.)

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