Saturday, March 22, 2008

PhotoHunt: Metal

When I saw today's PhotoHunter's theme was metal I got very excited, because I know I've done a lot around the house in my role as big brother and thought that this was a perfect time for Mom and Dad to award me with a medal, but then they pointed out that the theme was meTal, not meDal, and that I would have to wait for my gold, but that's OK. So instead, here's Huggy Bear...

PhotoHunt: Metal
Huggy Bear was watching out the window on top of Mom and Dad's new metal chest from IKEA that they had to get because their new desk has no drawers. The sunlight lit up his face nicely in this picture...

Huggy Bear on the metal drawers
...but he looks more kittenish in this picture. Today was actually the first time any of us realized that we could get up there, and HB was the first. He's not much of a jumper so it's something for him to get up like this.

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