Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #18 -- By The Numbers

Today's Thursday Thirteen is "By The Numbers" -- a numerical breakdown of the McKitten-Cats. I'll be sure to answer the question most asked from yesterday's Thursday Thirteen: How much do Huggy Bear and Maggie weigh...

One: Number of cats Mom had before me.
Two: Boy cats and two girl cats in the McKitten-Cat family
Three: Pounds that I weigh more than Huggy Bear (I'm 18, he's 15).
Four: Size of the litter that Josie and Huggy Bear came from.
Five: Pairs of rechargeable batteries that Mom and Dad have purchased for the digital cameras since getting the first one a few years back.
Six: Years old that I will turn next month.
Seven: Pounds is Maggie's weight.
Eight: Rhymes with ate, which is what I did just before writing this list.
Nine: Time I'm writing this Wednesday night (but will post Thursday ... yes, I write some posts ahead of time, depending on when Mom and Dad will free up the computer for me to type some.)
Ten: Size of the litter that Maggie came from.
Eleven: Dogs when you count two houses in any direction from our house (and why we'll happily stay inside, thank you very much...)
Twelve: Pounds that Josie weighs.
Thirteen: Different places I could sleep in one day and still want to nap.

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