Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easy Like Sunday


Easter is a great time for us, even though we don't get Easter candy or get to chase "the rabbit" (as Gracie, our friend's daughter calls him) we do get to chase the foil wrappers from the Cadbury Creme Eggs. Hope everyone has a great Easter!


I know I keep mentioning Mom and Dad's trips to IKEA, but so much fun stuff came from those trips. First of all, they have to drive three and a half hours just to get there, so when they go it's a big trip, with lots of things bought. Yeah, I like the new desk and the cat tents and the bookshelves that I haven't shown you guys yet, but I think I found my favorite thing from IKEA yet -- the giant blue IKEA bag!

The cat's in the bag
Mom and Dad were doing some work in the garage last night making a cornice for the guest bedroom which meant that we had to snoopervise. That's when I found the awesome bag. I wasted no time hunkering down into it. It's a great place to lay in wait, to hide from a pouncing sister, or just to relax and enjoy the garage.

IKEA bag

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