Friday, March 14, 2008

FURminator Friday

Mom read about the FURminator (I think on Chase's blog) and looked into it. When she went to the website she was amazed to see how much of the loose fur it removed. She was also amazed at the price! But after seeing how much Huggy Bear is shedding right now, she decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. WOW, what a difference! Mom has been furminating us when she gets a chance, and the hair just keeps coming off. She's being real gentle, because the instructions do warn that it can irritate the skin if you push real hard, but even with some gentle brushing there is so much undercoat coming off. We thought we were soft before, but now we're even softer, if that's possible! I like the FURminator the best, then Josie and Maggie. Huggy Bear, who needs it the most, likes it the least, of course, but Mom has figured out that if she puts a hair band under the scale in the bathroom, Huggy Bear will lay out trying to get it and let Mom brush him. (We suspect Huggy Bear thinks Mom is trying to steal all his fur and that's why he walks away when she tries to brush him, but he's just leaving his fur all over the house anyway -- so much that when Tish was watching us she thought we'd had a cat fight!) Anyhow, I think the FURminator is worth what Mom spent on it because she's gotten so much excess fur off of us -- it's just nuts! (I know I have a picture of the first brushing around here somewhere ...)

Here it is....I'll have mom take some more this weekend.

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