Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easy Like Sunday

The weather has been warming up. Sure, yesterday we had some crazy storms, including a few tornadoes in our area, but overall it has been a lot nicer. We even all gathered in on place by the guest bedroom window to enjoy some of the nice weather. A definite sign of better days to come!

A very rare sighting indeed ...

Also, yesterday Dad was looking at the stats on our Flickr page because he finds it interesting to see which pictures people look at more, and where people come from to find our pictures. Well, from our stats he found this one site that had used a Flickr hack to use several small pictures to create a big picture of Gene Simmons from Kiss. It's kind of cool, but the cool part is he used pictures tagged "kittens" to do it, which means that some of our pictures were caught in that net. Since Saturday was "I Spy" on PhotoHunters, it was kind of ironic that Dad ended up doing an I Spy on this mosaic to find us. (Mousing over the pictures says where the pictures came from, and this kind of use of our pictures doesn't bother us, unlike Max's issue earlier this week...)

Here's a link to the full sized picture.
You can find Josie 11 rows down from the top, and 6 over from the right.
Maggie is twice, black and white, 13 from the top, 4 from the right, and 14 from the top, 5 from the right.
Huggy Bear was the first one Dad was able to find, 5 from the bottom, 6 from the left.
At first I thought I was left out, but I'm in there too, 9 up from the bottom, 3 from the left.

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