Saturday, March 08, 2008

PhotoHunt: Different

The PhotoHunt theme of different was perfect timing, because our desk is different! Our old desk is now in the other room, looking for a new home, and we have a cooler, bigger desk. With Aunt Tiff visiting, Mom and Dad put her to work and she helped Mom and Dad get the desk put up.

Jasper on desk

Mom and Dad stained the desk legs to match the cabinets, then they all assembled the cabinets and mounted the cabinets and shelves on the wall, put the desk in place, and the cool wire that will soon hold hanging photos of us. Everything came from their IKEA trip two weekends ago, and fortunately Aunt Tiff was coming and was able to bring some of the bigger parts in her Highlander.

New desk with Jasper

We are very excited to have so much more desk surface to lay out on, and I know Mom and Dad are too, because sometimes I like to stretch out on the desktop while they're working on the computer and now they can continue to work (which I guess partly defeats the purpose of me lying out in front of the computer.) Two of us can even fit on the desk without causing a major disturbance in the Universe!

Jasper snoopervising the blog

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