Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy 4th birthday Maggie!

Well there's been a lot of buildup, for sure ... an entire week's worth. And I think Maggie is pleased with what she waited for. Monday, after Mom and Dad's friends left, Mom and Dad headed up to Charlotte and visited IKEA. They had been looking at these cool tents there, and decided Maggie needed a new one.

So here are Maggie's cool 4th birthday presents!

Maggie's new tent
Here's Maggie first checking out the tent. They say it's a "pup" tent, but we're sure it's a cat tent.

Maggie checking out her new hangout
It didn't take Maggie long to get settled in and check it out.

Maggie inspects her IKEA tent
I think she likes the cool camo/cat design.

Maggie stretched out in her new tunnel
Mom was afraid the tent wasn't girly enough for Maggie, so she got her a pink cat tunnel too. Maggie can stretch completely out in the tunnel and still be inside it.

Maggie breaking in the new tunnel
But Maggie likes to be ready to pounce at all times, especially from a tunnel.

Maggie in her IKEA tunnel
She did relax from "pounce mode" long enough to curl up and show off some other tunnel features, like the side entrance.

Jasper in the new tent
Maggie was also nice enough to share her tent with the rest of us. Here I am blending into the orange camouflage.

Thanks to everyone who has been coming by during the last week and giving Maggie birthday wishes. She has really enjoyed having a week all about her. Tonight we'll be getting her official stinky goodness cake (while Mom has her birthday cake too -- it is Mom's birthday also).


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