Thursday, June 04, 2009

Your standard general Thursday catch-all post

Thursday posts always seem to challenge me the most ... I don't know why. Other days have themes that seem to work real well so when I'm in a pinch I can turn to the theme and be sure to give everyone a worthwhile post. Then there's Thursday. The T13 is fun, but can be a bear (not a Huggy Bear) some days. So instead, here's a few comments on the last week:

Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday:
Yes, SSS, that was Aunt Tiff's shoe, and actually a ball Aunt Tiff gave us for Christmas. As for who was responsible for the ball ending up in the shoe, I have to say most likely Huggy Bear, since that's his thing, or possibly Maggie. I hang out upstairs and the shoes are down, so I didn't see it happen.

On Tuesday:
Mom was definitely asking for the raspberry from Maggie (but then, Mom likes raspberries -- both the kind from Maggie and the kind you eat, so I don't think she minded too much).

The hidden girl in the Mancat Monday post:
I forgot to mention this on Monday's post, and you'd probably have to biggify the picture to really see her, but Josie is hiding in the background of the Mancat Monday picture, almost right in the middle of us, like she's trying to steal our Mancat thunder.

And my public service announcement: if you have a wireless keyboard, keep extra batteries around. In mid-comment to William my keyboard's batteries died on me. Talk about a train-of-thought killer!

I leave you with a riddle today (with no answer, because I'm not even sure):

Jasper sitting/standing on the steps
Am I sitting on the step behind me, or standing on the step below me?

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