Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hangin' with Clara Ann

Clara Ann came to visit last week. She was hanging out with us and "playing" with us the way sticky people do.

Jasper spying out the window
I was spying out the back window, minding my own business.

Then Clara Ann saw me. I know this because she said "Kitty!" followed by a toddler's giggle.

"Whatcha seeing, Jasper"
First she wanted to see what I was seeing.

Clara Ann investigating Jasper
Then she wanted to see more of me, instead.

Clara Ann a little too close for Jasper's comfort
But then she got a little too close for me. You can see me starting to accordion back away from her.

Jasper giving Clara Ann the stink eye
From then on, I took up a more watchful pose. You can never be too careful with little people around.


We started the week-long buildup to Maggie's birthday yesterday (she always gets her way -- spoiled sister).

Maggie and Josie napping in the afternooon sun
Maggie decided that a nap with Josie in the afternoon sun was a good way to start the preparation for her birthday.

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