Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #45: Fighting fleas

We spent quite a bit of time in the bathroom last night fighting fleas with Capstar and Frontline. This has got to be my least favorite thing to do on a Wednesday night. Here are 13 things I'd rather be doing than fighting fleas:

1. I'd rather be fighting the power.
2. Or fighting the good fight.
3. Or even fighting the Man.
4. Shoot, I'd even be OK getting pounced by Maggie.
5. Or even getting spooked when I'm in the litter box (which is never a good thing).
6. I'd be OK being put on a diet.
7. Or forced to exercise.
8. I'd even consider a new sibling (although new siblings seem to bring fleas).
9. I'd consider a move.
10. Or a collar.
11. I might even wear clothes.
12. We'll definitely forgive Mom and Dad for tormenting us with the flea treatments.
13. It just may take a day or two...

Thanks to everyone for giving their advice on the fleas. Mom and Dad have been cleaning the house and washing all our napping spots. We hope this does the trick. But enough aggravating flea talk ... here's a cute Maggie picture instead:

Behind the blinds
Maggie in the master bathroom window looking for birds.

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