Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Squirrel Incident

Last weekend, Mom and Dad flew up to Cincinnati to go to Aunt Kelly's graduation (Dad's little sister). Aunt Kelly graduated from Miami University, which has a nice campus in Oxford, Ohio. At one point everyone was taking pictures with Aunt Kelly when they noticed a squirrel (Kelly called it a "campus squirrel" like that makes them OK -- you and I know there are no OK squirrels). This silly squirrel hopped up on a trash can, sniffed around, then disappeared into the trash can. Then, a second later reappeared, only to go back in. This attracted the attention of everyone, and they decided to snap a few "cute squirrel" pictures. (Again, we know there's no such thing.)

Squirrel on the trash can
Here's the squirrel and the trash can. I mean, really, it eats trash! What more do I have to say?

So Dad tries to get a better picture, thinking it would be good for my blog. But he forgot how much he had zoomed in for the previous picture, and it was bright and he didn't size the picture up very well. This is what he got:

Eye contact with the squirrel
Half a squirrel is no less sassy than a full squirrel. But Dad insisted on getting a better picture of the squirrel, and you can see he was being pretty agreeable about the whole thing. So Dad lined up to get a better picture, when suddenly the squirrel leapt at Dadand landed on the back of Dad's hand. As the squirrel landed on Dad's hand, Dad continued the squirrel's momentum off of his hand and down onto the sidewalk and away from him.

Squirrel jumping on Dean
The funniest thing about this is that Dad managed to snap a picture as the squirrel propelled itself at Dad. I wonder is vishus deer repellent would have come in handy here? Dad was fine, not even a scratch (or rabies, or Miami squirrel flu), but I think he learned his lesson. All weekend, every time another squirrel was around, Dad had to endure, "Look out, there's your squirrel friend!"

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