Thursday, May 21, 2009

The backyard

In yesterday's Wordless Wednesday, Huggy Bear and Maggie were looking out into the backyard, and Huggy Bear was whispering about the sassy bird that has been giving them the business from the tree near the window. No big secret that the bird bugs us.

A while back I talked about the plants Mom had been planting in the back yard. Well, I finally have some pictures...

Our newest rose
This is a new rose bush. We have seven now, but two are new and small. (One is a newly discovered rose from South Carolina that is purple, but very small right now.)

Double knockout rose

Rose bush

Hot cocoa rose
These are three of the other rose bushes, the ones that are blooming big right now.

Mom also planted a bunch of elephant ears. She started last year, and the one's from last year are coming up now, but these are new ones.

Elephant ears

Coffee cup elephant ears
These are the coffee cup elephant ears, because they form a cup shape.

Black elephant ear
And this elephant ear is purply-black and very cool. This was a steal at the botanical garden plant show because they only had a few, and Mom got one.

Shade plant flowering
I don't remember the name of this plant, but this one bloomed (we have one that's three years old and has never bloomed) and I think the flowers are so cool.

Back shade garden and fountain
And this is the shade garden from before Mom planted the elephant ears against the fence in the back corner. The fountain is being used as a planter now with flowing plants hanging off of it.

Anyhow, this is the view from the window HB and Maggie were in yesterday. Hope you enjoyed the "plant show" today.

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