Saturday, December 29, 2007

PhotoHunt: Messy

I missed the PhotoHunt last week because Mom and Dad left the computer off when they went out of town, but we're back. Today's theme is messy and I think Maggie is going to take the lead in these photos...

Most of you probably remember this picture of Maggie making a big ol' mess of the toilet paper in the guest bathroom (now stored in the cabinet), but I think this picture fits the theme best.

But Maggie isn't always messy, either. She takes a lot of pride in her cat stroller.

Here she is doing some maintenance on her cat stroller so that it doesn't get messy and break down on us during a walk. She's checking the tires, looking for pebbles that may have gotten stuck in the tread that may make the ride rough, which can make a mess of a good stroll.

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